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Photo Description: A turtle-shaped stone pagoda trying to climb to the top of Geumosan Mountain, and the will of the World Geumgung Sports Association, who is slowly but slowly going his way.

Whatever we do, obstacles constantly come. According to Buddhist monk Wuhak, the reason why disabilities come is that we ourselves are karma students.

It is the Bowang Sammae theory that it can produce good results while wisely accepting disabilities, and the 10 mindsets to overcome disabilities are as follows.

First, don't expect to be free from illness.

Second, don't want to live in a world of trouble.

Third, don't expect to have no obstacles in your mind to study.

Fourth, do not wish to be unruly in carrying out the work.

Fifth, try to do things, but don't want them to be easy.

Sixth, make friends, but don't expect me to be good.

Seventh, do not expect others to obey my will, unfriendly.

Eighth, if you want to give good deeds, do not expect good deeds.

Ninth, do not expect too much profit for the sake of the good.

Tenth, do not seek to be revealed in the face of injustice.

- 10 Ways to Overcome the Disability of the World Geumgung Sports Association, Special Plan for Buddha's Birthday -

2022. 5.15. 06:00;

-World Geumgung Sports Association: 054-456-9865 3rd floor of Shinsiro 4-F, Hyeonggok-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

-E-mail: flower_im@naver.com

-Recommended by heads of associations around the world

- Consultation on holding gold palace sports education programs and competitions for local governments, public institutions, schools, training centers, and military units across the country.

-I hope Oprah Gail Winfrey and Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates will generously sponsor the world of gold palace sports to enhance human mental strength and health

사진 설명: 금오산 정상을 향해 오를려는 거북이 형상 돌탑, 느리지만 천천히 제 갈 길을 가는 세계금궁스포츠협회장의 뜻이 담겨져 있다.

우리가 어떤 수행을 하든 끊임없이 장애가 찾아오게 된다. 우학 스님에 따르면 장애가 찾아드는 이유는 우리 자신이 업보중생이기 때문이다.

장애를 지혜롭게 수용하면서 좋은 결과를 낳을 수 있음을 얘기한 것이 바로 보왕삼매론이며 장애를 극복하는 10가지 마음가짐은 다음과 같다.

첫째, 염심불구무병, 몸에 병이 없기를 바라지 말라.

둘째, 처세불구무난, 세상살이에 곤란 없기를 바라지 말라.

셋째, 구심불구무장, 공부하는데 마음에 장애 없기를 바라지 말라.

넷째, 입행불구무마, 수행하는데 마 없기를 바라지 말라.

다섯째, 모사불구이성, 일을 꾀하되 쉽게 되기를 바라지 말라.

여섯째, 교정불구익아, 친구를 사귀되 내가 이롭기를 바라지 말라.

일곱째, 우인불구순적, 남이 내 뜻대로 순종해 주기를 바라지 말라.

여덟째, 시덕불구망보, 공덕을 베풀려면 과보를 바라지 말라.

아홉째, 견리불구점분, 이익을 분에 넘치게 바라지 말라.

열째, 피억불구신명, 억울함을 당해서 밝히려고 하지 말라.

-세계금궁스포츠협회장 어록, 부처님 오신 날 특별기획, 장애를 극복하는 10가지 방법-

2021. 5.15. 06:00









Examples of 7M treadmills and 5M treadmills for Geumgung Sports Competition.





 International Geumgung Sports Instructor Certificate.

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