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 Photo description: On Sunday morning, people gathered together and ran in a procession, but each person runs around Geumosan Mountain alone due to COVID-19.

There have been many changes in daily life due to COVID-19.

It is a time when I miss yesterday with my colleagues who gathered together and enjoyed running together.

The dark reality is that the more you struggle to return to your daily life, the more you can't run the road with the same excitement as before.

However, everything changes and everything high is supposed to come down, so you have to be humble in the face of reality like the floor. No matter how low you hit, you must never lose hope.

This is because one day, the day will surely come when you stand up on the floor.

When the day comes when I return to my daily life, I desperately realize the importance of people and hope to run in a more mature way.

- World Gold Palace Sports Association's quote, the importance of ordinary daily life-

2021. 9.27. 06:00

-World Geumgung Sports Association: 054-456-9865 3rd floor of Shinsiro 4-F, Hyeonggok-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

-E-mail: flower_im@naver.com

-Recommended by heads of associations around the world

- Consultation on holding gold palace sports education programs and competitions for local governments, public institutions, schools, training centers, and military units across the country.

-I hope Oprah Gail Winfrey and Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates will generously sponsor the world of gold palace sports to enhance human mental strength and health

사진 설명: 일요일 아침이면 다같이 모여 행렬을 갖쳐 달리던 사람들이지만 코로나19로 각자 홀로 금오산 둘레를 달린다.


코로나19로 일상에 많은 변화가 생겼다.

다같이 모여 즐겁게 함께 달리던 동료들과의 어제가 그리운 시절이다.

일상으로 되돌아 가기 위한 몸부림을 칠수록 예전과 같은 흥겨운 마음으로 길을 달릴 수 없다는게 암담한 현실이다.

하지만 모든 것은 변하고 높이 있는 것은 모두 내려오게 되어 있으므로 바닥과 같은 현실과 마주해 겸손해야 한다. 아무리 바닥을 치더라도 절대 희망을 잃어서는 안된다.

언젠가는 반드시 바닥을 딛고 일어서는 날이 오기 때문이다.

일상으로 되돌아 가는 날이 오게 되면 사람에 대한 소중함을 절실히 깨닫고, 한층 더 성숙된 모습으로 달리길 희망한다.

-세계금궁스포츠협회 어록, 평범한 일상의 소중함-

2021. 9.27. 06:00







Examples of 7M treadmills and 5M treadmills for Geumgung Sports Competition.





 International Geumgung Sports Instructor Certificate.


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