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 05 June 2020 (Friday) 11:35:11 Hwang In-sang, a professional reporter, his@newsmaker.or.kr


Due to the rapid development of modern material and civilization society, the world's smartphone use population is over 70% as of 2O20, and the use of social networking sites and games using smartphones has led to a significant reduction in outdoor activities and exercise.

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"Geumgung," which has recently come into the spotlight, is a high-end leisure sport that provides sufficient exercise in narrow indoor spaces, allowing full-body exercise such as wrist, shoulder, arm, waist, and legs. In addition, the sense of accomplishment and joy that comes from hitting the target can be particularly beneficial to mental health as it relieves the stress accumulated by modern people at once. I met with Kim Do-hyung, president of the World Gold Palace Sports Association, and heard the details.


"Geumgung," a new concept of leisure sports that encompasses darts and hankungs.

Geumgung Sports is a new concept sport developed based on human throwing instinct that has been used since ancient times, and is a safe indoor sport that throws magnetic gold palace pins from a certain distance to hit the target. Geumgung Sports is designed to develop concentration, muscle strength, flexibility and agility through games by combining our own Tuho nori, basic posture of Western darts and national palaces, and pitching movements of baseball.


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Chairman Kim Do-hyung



"It was 'Geumgung' that was born in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, as a new concept of leisure sports that encompasses darts and Hangung," said Kim Do-hyung, president of the World Kumgung Sports Association. "The name of the palace was inspired by General Kim Sun-gung, a former member of the Seongsan family who was a meritorious retainer of the early Goryeo Dynasty." Geumgung, which throws a semi-permanent carbon fiber magnet gold palace pin, not only uses electronic target boards that automatically calculate sound effects and scores, but also uses artificial intelligence to make the accumulated amount of target ammunition practiced by Kim Gung gamer into big data through IT technology that conforms to the era of the fourth industrial revolution, which is precisely scientific analysis considering the physical characteristics of gamers. The information sent from the electronic target board of the palace with built-in Wi-Fi and sensors will be implemented in real-time on the Geumgung gamer's smartphone, and will remain as a Geumgung gamer's history. Along with the application of the 3-meter, 4-meter and 5-meter throw distance rules, Geumgung adopted an exciting game style, including a time-limited fastball game and blind eye throw.


In particular, the throwing of more than four meters of the palace is expected to have an excellent effect as an indoor exercise for modern people who lack exercise, while training shoulders, arms, wrists, waist and legs among body elements. Chairman Kim Do-hyung said, "We want to contribute to the creation of advanced IT cities and healthy cultures by strengthening citizens and teenagers' awareness of IT utilization by utilizing specialized target boards and game rules that match the era of the fourth industrial revolution," adding, "The launch of the World Kumgung Sports Association is essential for the revitalization of Kumgung Sports, and it is necessarily accompanied by various game rules and game development work for international publicization." In addition, the secondary industrial effect derived from the hosting of various Geumgung Sports Games is truly great. Therefore, we are distributing Kumgoong Sports for the development of the World Kumgoong Sports Association, which will preempt the globalization of 'Geumgung'," he said. Earlier, the World Gold Palace Sports Association canceled the first Golden Palace Sports Festival and its inaugural event, which was scheduled for March 14, due to the spread of Corona 19.





All-out efforts to globalize and standardize the Golden Palace

The palace, which has made it possible to challenge human limitations through the convergence technology and systematic training of the fourth industrial revolution, has great potential to develop into a world-class leisure sport, and it is possible to make the palace popular sports and win the competition by establishing the Geumgung Throwing Manual and training the leaders of the palace. The examination of the ascension of the palace is expected to be a representative example of the fusion of the old and the new, as it can revive the tradition of the palace by adopting a method that conforms to the promotion and promotion rules of the national palace and establish itself as a differentiated leisure culture. In fact, the expansion of the palace is flexible enough to lead to a real-life battle. Chairman Kim Do-hyung said, "Geumgung is a leisurely sport based on two swordsmanship, but it is also the best martial art that can realize human's desire to throw," and added, "As the actual game of pitching and sword, which is similar to actual games used in some counties, is quite thick, the actual game will be generalized with the spread of Geumgung." To globalize and standardize Korea's gold palaces, the K0REA GEUMGUNG ASSOCIATION is being launched.










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