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The Korea Food Research Institute's study on the efficacy and prevention of osteoporosis of sprout barley
Development of Healthy Healthy Health Recovery by Using Gwonmyeongja Traditional Efficient Science Institute's Sprout Barley
Sparrow barley, officially recognized immunity enhancement, expectations of healthy food materials

The Farm Technology Practicalization Foundation "2019 Yechang Nursing" is scheduled to launch 'Sprout Barrier Healthy Healthy' product from 'Dream of Barley'

Reporter Kim Do-hyung of KTN: Currently, the world is in a state of national emergency due to the Korona19 virus, and each country is struggling with an unprecedented situation. Due to the nature of the new virus, many changes have led to many difficulties in vaccine development.


Therefore, a more important fact to overcome the new virus before vaccines is the body's enhancement of immunity. The coronavirus has proved to be fatal for serious patients suffering from a basal disease. Generally, people with basal diseases, including the elderly, are vulnerable to immune system.


Some say that large-scale infections are likely to become our daily routine in the future, as new infections are known to be caused by damage to the ecosystem and climate crisis.


The climate change and ecological crisis are a crisis for human health, and some predict that the cycle will be shorter in the future as we are experiencing major outbreaks of SARS, MERS and coronavirus in the new flu.


Fortunately, Hong Hee-do, head of the traditional food research team at the Korea Food Research Institute, and his team said on July 18, 2019 that they have discovered and materialized polysaccharide components that can help enhance immune function and improve bone health from young barley leaves.






The Korea Food Research Institute officially announced the effects of osteoporosis prevention along with excellent immune function enhancement effects, as various functional ingredients, detoxification and prevention of adult diseases are known.

According to the Korea Food Research Institute, barley young leaves, grown around 10 to 15 centimeters long, are known to contain a large amount of amino acids and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, which are also used as spring sprout vegetables, and are reported to be used in various forms of food, such as detoxification, antioxidant effects and cholesterol control, along with functional ingredients such as chlorofil, polyphenol, saponol, saponol, saponol and flavonol and flavonoids and flavonoids.





 Strong health pills made of sprout barley, expected to help the body.

On July 18, 2019, the Korea Food Research Institute said it has discovered and materialized polysaccharide components from young barley leaves that can help enhance immune function and improve bone health.
Barley young leaves are used as various types of food materials, such as powder and tea, as they contain a large amount of amino acids and nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and dietary fiber, and are reported to have various effects such as detoxification, antioxidants, antioxidants, and cholesterol control along with functional ingredients such as chlorophyl, polyphenol, saponolin.

According to the Korea Food Research Institute, [BLEO], a polysaccharide component separated from barley leaves, has confirmed that it not only enhances immune function by activating immune cells, but can also help improve bone health by suppressing the differentiation of bone cells involved in bone loss.`
(Source-Korea Food Research Institute

In addition to the previously known functional components, the Korea Food Research Institute has confirmed that polysaccharide components separated from barley leaves not only enhance immune function by activating immune cells, but also help improve bone health by suppressing the differentiation of bone-lossing cells.







The research team scientifically verified the effect of enhancing excellent immune function and improving bone health of polysaccharide ingredients derived from barley young leaves through cell experiments and animal tests.

The new polysaccharide material [BLE0] is found to enhance immune function by activating macrophages and resinous cells, which are representative immune cells, and by increasing concentration dependent on the amount of immunosuppressive substances (cytocaine) produced by these cells. It has also been found that the material increases the amount of various immune-regulating substances, which are indicators of T-cell activity and T-cell proliferation, one of the major immune cells.

The research team's oral administration of [BLE0] to test animals artificially degraded immune function showed excellent immune function enhancement effects, such as restoring NK cell activity, a major immunoactive indicator, by more than 50%.

The research team also identified the excellent bone health improvement efficacy of [BLE0] through collaborative research with the Korea Institute of Oriental Medicine. Osteoporosis is a symptom that occurs when the activity of bone-destroying scoliosis cells prevails over the creation of bones, and is a very common condition for women in mid-aged menopause, especially those in middle-aged menopause.

The study found that [BLE0] inhibits seagull cell differentiation even at a very low concentration of 10 /g/ml Tests on animals that removed ovaries also confirmed that bone density, which had decreased by 50% compared to normal populations, was recovered to 79%. [BLE0] is expected to be highly available as a new functional material that not only enhances immune function but also prevents bone density reduction.

"[BLE0] has been found to have improved lipid metabolism and defense against influenza viruses in addition to the already proven improvement of immune function and improved bone health in the case of [BLE0], which has been developed as a superior immunological enhancement material," said Kim Kyung-tak, director of strategic technology research at the Korea Food Research Institute.

"In case of barley young leaves, which are the main ingredients, we are conducting a study on ingredients and efficacy equivalence so that they can utilize artificially grown barley leaves in the seedbed instead of barley young leaves grown on existing soil," he said. "The results of the study will allow safe and standardized raw materials to be supplied throughout the year, which will greatly contribute to the commercialization of materials based on high purity polysaccharide."







This is a family buddhist designed by the Kwon Myung-ja Traditional Efficient Science Institutesingle-water diameter method

Meanwhile, the domestic health functional food market is growing every year, but the share of imported raw materials is still high, and the need for research and development related to finding and commercializing new functional materials using Korea's unique food resources as raw materials is increasing as the 'Nagoya Jungseo', an international agreement on access to biological resources and sharing profits, went into effect.

The Korea Food Research Institute expects the health food materials and products market to continue to grow, with the portion of middle-aged people expected to increase significantly depending on changes in the population structure, improving the immune system, improving the lipid metabolism and bone health.



 1) Polysaccharide: It is also called polysaccharide or complex carbohydrates and is a combination of several monosaccharide components, separated by digestive polysaccharides (such as starch, glycogen, etc.) and ovarian flora (slow digestion: dietary fiber, etc.) There is a special feature of high degree in the analysis as there is an efficacy that distinguishes it from monosaccharide or diaccharide.

2) Barley Young Leaf: means barley sprouts grown between 10 and 15cm after the bellflower root, and is known as barley sprout or sprout. Although the health functional food industry has recently received attention, research on efficacy and manufacturing processes are more needed in the future.

3) Chlorofil: Chlorophyll, pigment contained in chlorophyll, polyphenol: A type of phenol compound found in plants, and its efficacy in antioxidants, overall health and blood vessels, skin, etc. Among these studies, the results of research on tanninic acid were recently announced (떫 is the interstitial efficacy of tanninic acid, 5/27). Safonarin: Various functions have been studied recently with ingredients that are high in sprout barley. Flavonoid: A type of secondary metabolite of a plant or fungus having its diversity and relatively low toxicity compared to other active plant compounds.

4) Results of research on the efficacy of enhancing immune function and improving bone health of polysaccharide materials from barley are published in the International Journal of Biological Macromolecules (IF: 4.784, 2017, 2019).

5) Name of high purity polysaccharide materials manufactured using Barley Leaf Extract-No.0, Enzyme Treatment Extraction Process and Polysaccharide Separation Process



Based on the results of a study on the effectiveness of promoting immune function and preventing osteoporosis of the ingredients of sprout barley conducted by the Korea Food Research Institute in August last year, Kwon Myung-ja, a research institute, is speeding up the development of sprout barley, moxibustion, and strong health conditions for sprout barley.









In particular, Director Kwon Myung-ja is planning to release a strong health drink that has been produced by combining about 10 beneficial ingredients such as ginger, jujube, and aronia after drying and powdering the unspoiled sprout barley grown directly by hydroponics. Developed by the Kwon Myung-ja Institute of Traditional Science and Technology, the "Sprout Barrier Healthhwan" will be manufactured and sold at the "Bori Dream," which received preliminary start-up child care support from the Agricultural Technology Practicalization Foundation in 2019.













Power Korea, a monthly magazine of The Korea Herald and Herold's economic partner, recently asked for an interview in its April issue with plans to cover the Kwon Myung-ja Institute of Traditional Science for a special feature on enhancing immunity.

Shin Tae-sup, a Power Korea reporter, said, "It is the most important thing to strengthen your immune system, regardless of the lack of masks, such as the recent chaos of masks, to prepare for another virus in the future."

Shin Tae-sup, who said he plans to find several companies related to immune-enhancing foods and write articles on them, said, "I understand that Kwon Myung-ja Traditional Science Research Institute is actively working with the report of Sanyang Mountain Ginseng," adding, "This is the fermentation of traditional food in our country. Fermentation is good for improving immunity. As kimchi is known in SARS, I want to cover Kwon Myung-ja Traditional Science Institute and write an article."

Meanwhile, the importance of immunity is further emphasized by Corona19, and Nongbon CEO Seok Jong-jin said, "Aged patients with weak immune systems should be extremely careful as they are feared to be infected with various diseases in addition to Corona," informing them of how to effectively prevent and cope with colds and viruses that do not have much medicine. Nongbon is a traditional company that produces solo enzymes and pine vinegars obtained from pine trees in clean areas of Korea and exports them abroad.

According to CEO Seok Jong-jin, "Eating herbs, fruits, and vegetables that grow on the mountains, fields, grass, and trees of our land, is the way to change from poor health to a healthy body with a strong immune system."

Also, the three tables are fermented foods (boiled vinegar, soy sauce, soybean paste, red pepper paste, kimchi) and seaweeds (seaweed) that are usually made from agricultural and forestry products of our land when SARS, new glue, MERS, and other viruses such as coronavirus 19 in the past.Blue light, garlic.It reminded me that water parsley, ginger, etc. played a big part.




Fresh barley soybean paste, sprout barley powder, sprout barley pepper paste developed by Kwon Myung-ja Traditional Science Institute






fresh green barley grown by hydroponics



Kwon Myung-ja, the director of the Sparrow Barrier Service, who cultivated her own pollution-free hydroponics.







Sparrow barley is a healthy food that can be eaten anytime, anytime, anywhere.






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