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Photo Description: Gasil Cathedral, located in Chilgok-gun, is a place that gives comfort to those who pray for peace of mind.(2021.2.25.)

Vaccination to end COVID-19 began in February 2021.

New hope is sprouting along with psychological relief.

The past two years were like lost time and a period of darkness when the future was unknown.

These were days when we were more afraid of the system of a controlled society than of the fear of infectious diseases.

Looking back, it is a post-Corona era that feels like meeting a mirage-like illusion seen in the fog.

Humans are animals of oblivion, so they will soon return to their daily lives as if nothing had happened.

COVID-19 also made us aware of the importance of nature that humans have destroyed and reminded us of the importance of families who have been a greater help in the crisis.

I hope that God's blessing will be with everyone who has overcome the crisis.

- A quote from the World Geumgung Sports Association. Peace of mind with vaccines. -

2022. 2.26. 06:00

World Geumgung Sports Association: 054-456-9865 3rd floor of Shinsiro 4-F, Hyeonggok-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

- Introduction to the association: 010-3546-9865

-E-mail: flower_im@naver.com

-Recommended by heads of associations around the world.

- Consultation on holding gold palace sports education programs and competitions for local governments, public institutions, schools, training centers, and military units across the country.

-I hope Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates will generously sponsor the world of gold palace sports to enhance human mental strength and health





Examples of 7M treadmills and 5M treadmills for Geumgung Sports Competition.





 International Geumgung Sports Instructor Certificate.





칠곡군에 위치한 가실성당, 간절하게 마음의 평화가 오기를 기도를 드리는 사람들에게 위안을 주는 곳이다.




2021년 2월 코로나 19를 종식시킬 백신 접종이 시작됐다.

심리적인 안도감과 함께 새희망이 싹트고 있다.

지난 2년은 마치 잃어버린 시간과도 같았고 미래를 알 수 없던 암흑의 시기였다.

우리에겐 전염병에 대한 두려움보다는 통제된 사회의 시스템이 더욱 두려웠던 나날들이었다.

돌이켜보면 안개 속에 보이는 신기루 같은 허상을 만났던 것처럼 느껴지는 포스트코로나 시대다.

인간은 망각의 동물이어서 아무 일도 없었던 것처럼 이내 곧 일상으로 복귀할 것이다.

코로나 19는 인간이 망가뜨린 자연의 소중함도 알게했고 위기에서 더욱 큰 힘이 된 가족의 소중함도 일깨워줬다.

위기를 극복한 모든 이들에게 신의 축복이 함께하기를 바라는 마음이다.


-세계금궁스포츠협회장 어록, 백신과 함께 찾아온 마음의 평화-

2022. 2.26. 06:00

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