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Good news for one-man companies, small start-ups, and start-

No office contract period, no office environment concerns, no restoration obligations and no associated costs

It will eliminate the concerns of inefficient corporate management in post-corona era with shared offices and shared accounting agency services.


(National = KTN) Reporter Kim Do-hyung: Uncontact work is expected to become more common in the post-corona era. Therefore, a non-face-to-face shared office has become an essential option for businessmen and small and medium-sized businesses.

Corona 19 is expanding non-face-to-face work for entrepreneurs such as telecommuting, circular work and video conferencing, and many companies are preferring a flexible working environment. The alternative shared office is not only reducing the cost of operating the office but also improving efficiency by using it as a decentralized work and a hub office by companies through convenient office management.

Distributed offices are a way of using offices by separating personnel, reducing the risk of infection caused by existing face-to-face work. In addition, the hub office also creates an office space in its main base to minimize traffic, thereby reducing the risk of infection and increasing work efficiency.

In addition, the public office reduces the investment costs of early start-ups and introduces a shared accounting agency service, providing a foothold for the stable business success of small start-ups, startups, one-person companies and existing small and medium-sized business operators.

Roh Yeon-sook, CEO of "Todos 24" located in Gumi, North Gyeongsang Province, introduced the shared office and shared accounting agency service for the first time in the Gumi National Industrial Complex, giving a big boost to startups and small and medium-sized businesses that lack business experience.

Roh Yeon-sook, a Ph.D. in business administration, is a treasure to those who are trying to find a breakthrough in difficult economic conditions as she provides management consulting as well as know-how in running her own businesses to businessmen who have moved into the shared office.







Roh Yeon-sook, CEO of Todos 24




CEO Noh Yeon-sook's "Todos 24" service allows the user to freely adjust the size and duration of the lease from at least one person to medium and large area units, and tenants pay for the use of the office and share auxiliary facilities such as meeting rooms, cafeterias, and office equipment, excluding the office, which is a personal space.










Todos24 homepage (


Small and medium-sized business operators who want to utilize additional or surplus space in buildings or existing businesses that have been empty for a long time through "Todos 24" service members may switch to a shared office.

The following is an interview with CEO Noh Yeon-sook about the Todos 24 operating system.

Q)CEO Noh Yeon-sook, please introduce Todos24.

A)The service platform provided by Todos is an office manager who shares space with a shared office. There are two platforms.

Until now, Korea's industrialization process has been led by large companies. Large and medium-sized businesses have been able to secure competitiveness with strong funding and support policies, but small and medium-sized business owners have difficulties with their representatives directly involved.

For these small and medium-sized business owners to do business, they have to rent offices, buy furniture, and hire employees, but the initial start-up costs are high.

Then why don't we share this?

We started this business with an analysis that sharing offices, sharing accounts, and reducing unnecessary spending.

Q) Please explain in detail what is shared office and office service provided by Todos24.

The shared office can use the space you need, when you need it, and as much as you need it.

When we first start our own business, we have to consider and care about office rentals, furniture and furniture, and other incidental expenses. Now you can optimize and use as much as you need without that burden.

As a sharing economy, we share houses, cars, and kitchens and hair salons. Then why don't we share the office?

What if I had an employee who could work like my own without having to hire an employee?

If you're a single or small business owner, you have to hire an account manager, even though it's one to two hours a week. It is burdensome to hire a manager, and even if you do, you can't hire a high-quality workforce.

It's a service for acting on behalf of 5 to 15 companies that share one office worker.

This service enhances the expertise of accounting and solves various tax problems quickly and easily.

Q) Please tell us about the features and advantages of Todos24 differentiating from other shared offices.

A)First of all, we have membership services. Membership service is operated on a membership basis, and it is a membership service that allows free seats to be used anywhere in the country.

In addition, the office management agency service can reduce the cost of hiring one accounting officer by more than 70% and prepare for a rise in the minimum wage.

This service is in the process of developing a program that can support small and medium business operators and enable online processing.

Q) What would you like to say to the people who visit Todos24?

A) The biggest concerns of small and medium-sized business operators are the three major concerns of small and medium-sized business owners: accounting recruitment, tax management, and business over-the-counter risks.

To address these challenges, our goal is to allow one-person, small and startup companies to focus on their work without worrying about office contract issues or the office environment.

If you use Todos 24, the boss can focus only on the core tasks. We'll be a great "business partner" for small and medium-sized business owners who need office space and office management.

Q) Please wrap up.

A)What if I had an employee who could earn rental income without having a building, use space without leasing, and do not hire people to do my job?

"Todos24" solves all of this. Visit Todos 24 homepage and experience a new and amazing world of shared office and shared office management services.



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