《World Geumgung Sports Association's Words of the Day》Life is the path…

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Explain the picture: A view of Geumosan Mountain in the shape of a human face. 2020.12.18.


 There are many abnormal people whose words and actions do not match.

In addition, there are many emotionally weak sons who are buried in their own emotions and hurt others' emotions.

However, they are just microorganisms who live fiercely as well as people.

In Go, microorganism means a less-than-living house or hemp, or stone. In other words, unlike Saseok, it is a Go stone that has room for eternal life.

This society has maintained order and made it worth living on the basis of trust.

When you truly respect and understand a person's values, you can be reborn as a mature personal complete life without slander against others anymore.

Therefore, microorganisms should always try to have the right personality to cultivate personality.

- Quote from the president of the World Geumgung Sports Association. Life is the path of aesthetics to cultivate personality. -

2021.12.19. 07:00

2021.12.18. 06:00

-World Geumgung Sports Association: 054-456-9865 3rd floor of Shinsiro 4-F, Hyeonggok-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea


- Introduction to the association: 010-3546-9865. 

-E-mail: flower_im@naver.com

-Recommended by heads of associations around the world.

- Consultation on holding gold palace sports education programs and competitions for local governments, public, schools, training centers, and military units across the country.

-I hope Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates will generously sponsor the world of gold palace sports to enhance human mental strength and health.






Examples of 7M treadmills and 5M treadmills for Geumgung Sports Competition.






International Geumgung Sports Instructor Certificate.

말과 행동이 일치하지 않는 비정상적인 사람들이 많다.

또 자신의 감정에 매몰되어 타인의 감정을 유린하고 상처를 입히는 감정박약아들도 많다.

하지만 그들도 사람이자 인생을 치열하게 살아가는 미생일 뿐이다.

바둑에서 미생이란 덜 살은 집이나 대마를 뜻하거나 돌을 의미한다. 즉 사석과는 달리 완생의 여지가 있는 바둑돌이다.

이 사회는 신뢰의 바탕 위에 질서가 유지되고 있고 살만하게 되었다.

사람의 가치를 진실로 존중하고 이해할 때, 더 이상 타인에 대한 비방이 없는 성숙된 인격적 완생으로 거듭날 수 있다.

따라서 미생인 인간은 인격을 함양하기 위해 바른 인성을 가지도록 늘 노력해야 한다.

-세계금궁스포츠협회장 어록, 인생은 인격수양을 위한 미생의 길-

2020.12.19. 07:00

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