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 Photo description: Jindo dog and high school student Kyungrok. The reason humans are better than animals is to accumulate knowledge. Age is meaningless in reading and studying. The power to build experience throughout life comes from self-reflection through reading.(2021.2.23.)

Shin, who is the home of Chilgok Buksam, is a 75-year-old manhakdo this year.

It is said that more than 50 years ago, due to poor circumstances, he listened to agricultural equipment instead of books and had regrets over lifelong learning.

Over the past five years, I recently graduated from university after taking the qualification exam for middle and high schools.

He also expressed his ambition to enter graduate school and walk the path of a historian who studies Goryeo history.

It is a good example of the fact that there is no end to learning even when falling down despite old age due to passion for reading books.

Reading is a tool of mankind that easily acquires the wisdom and knowledge of the world.

In order to make better quality information one's own in reading, one needs a habit of converging one's thoughts with memos.

Nothing is as blessed as getting a habit of reading books.

- Quote by the president of the World Geumgung Sports Association, the power of reading.

2022. 2.24. 06:00

World Geumgung Sports Association: 054-456-9865 3rd floor of Shinsiro 4-F, Hyeonggok-dong, Gumi-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Korea

- Introduction to the association: 010-3546-9865.

-E-mail: flower_im@naver.com

-Recommended by heads of associations around the world.

- Consultation on holding gold palace sports education programs and competitions for local governments, public institutions, schools, training centers, and military units across the country.

-I hope Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg and Bill Gates will generously sponsor the world of gold palace sports to enhance human mental strength and health






Examples of 7M treadmills and 5M treadmills for Geumgung Sports Competition.





 International Geumgung Sports Instructor Certificate.




인간이 동물보다 나은 이유는 지식을 축적하는데 있다. 독서와 공부를 하는데 있어서 나이는 무의미하다. 평생동안 내공을 쌓아가는 힘은 독서를 통한 자아성찰에서 나온다. 



칠곡 북삼이 삶의 터전인 신씨는 올해 75세의 만학도이다.

50여년 전 가난한 형편으로 인해 책 대신 농기구를 들었고 평생 배움에 대한 한이 있었다고 한다.

지난 5년 동안 중.고등학교 검정고시를 거쳐 최근 대학교를 졸업했다.

또한 대학원에 입학하여 고려 역사를 연구하는 역사학자의 길을 걷겠노라고 포부를 밝혔다.

책읽기에 대한 열정으로 고령에도 불구하고 쓰러지면서까지도 배움의 길은 끝이 없다는 사실을 보여주는 좋은 사례다.

독서란 세상의 지혜와 지식을 손쉽게 얻는 인류의 도구이다.

독서에서 보다 나은 양질의 정보를 자신의 것으로 만들기 위해서는 메모와 정리와 자신의 생각을 융합하는 습관이 필요하다.

책 읽기 습관을 갖게 되는 것만큼 축복 받는 일은 없다.


-세계금궁스포츠협회장 어록, 독서의 힘-

2021. 2.24. 06:00

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